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"Eat My Words" is a long time in the making. There is no question that my favorite activity is eating, but beyond that obvious fact, I especially like visiting new restaurants and trying new foods.

That's where the "Adventures in Dining" comes in. I won't be reviewing chain restaurants. The food may be fine, but there is no adventure to a Bob Evans, Applebee's, or Olive Garden! The only time I may blog about one of these establishments might be to comment on something unusual - whether it be good or bad - that may have occurred during my visit. Otherwise, I will be focusing on small, local restaurants that feature unique menu items.

I am not a food snob. I do not have any culinary training. I like what I like and will share my thoughts regarding my meal, a restaurant's ambiance, the attentiveness of the staff, and any other thoughts that may come to mind. Hopefully, readers will enjoy my reviews and try these restaurants for themselves.

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Gary Dougherty
November 24, 2010

UPDATE (October 13, 2012): I'm back!! For a variety of reasons (none of them good), I have not posted any reviews for about 18 months. Rest assured, I have continued to eat...just not write! I hope you enjoy my culinary adventures and I welcome any recommendations you might have for me. Bon appetit!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Lost Shepherd

December 11, 2010

The Lost Shepherd
345 Olentangy Street
Powell, OH 43065
(614) 792-5678

I have probably been to The Lost Shepherd about a half dozen times since it opened about two and a half years ago.  It has always been a pleasant experience and this visit was no different.

Lori and I embarked on our first dinner out since her knee surgery a couple weeks ago.  Having had little to eat that day, we decided on an early dinner and arrived at The Lost Shephard at about 5:00. 

We made good use of her handicapped placard as she exited my car with her crutch and we made our way toward the entrance.  Unfortunately, we had to walk through a haze of smoke just outside the entrance as two patrons had just completed their smoke and re-entered the restaurant ahead of us.  It sure would be nice if those who have to smoke would do so away from restaurant entrances.

There were only about four or five tables occupied at the time we were seated.  The interior walls are covered by bricks and, even though the restaurant is basically one large room, the bar area is separated from the dining area by a partial wall.  A large screen television, featuring the Army vs. Navy football game, occupied the wall behind me.  The restaurant accurately conveys the feeling of being in a neighborhood tavern.

After ordering our diet Cokes (so much for the tavern feel, huh?!) and reviewing the menu, I inquired about the soups du jour.  Learning that the two siups being served that evening were Prok and Bean Soup and Shrimp Alfredo Soup (referred to as Shrimp Bisque by another server to the patrons at the table next to us), we opted to go the appetizer route.  After all, I had just made a large pot of ham and bean soup the previous weekend and was still working through it!

After five appetizers made the initial cut, we decided to share the Southern Fried Chicken Fritters.  What a surprise!  These chicken tenders had been coated in buttermilk and a cornmeal mixture, fried, and served with a Carolina dipping sauce that complemented the chicken nicely.  The chicken was served hot and it was juicy, moist, and very flavorful.  What a great start to the meal!

For our entrees, I opted for the Shepherd Surf & Turf and Lori ordered the Portuguese Paella.

My Surf & Turf consisted of twin filets with four shrimp scampi and accompanied by a very healthy serving of roasted red potatoes.  The filets were tasty, but would have been better with a little more seasoning and, perhaps, some bacon.  After all, doesn't bacon go with everything?  The shrimp was also good, but, surprisingly, the roasted red potatoes were the unexpected hit of the plate.  Diced into about three quarter inch cubes, the potatoes were well seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Whereas I admit to having a couple bites of Lori's Paella, I didn't have enough to develop an informed opinion about it...other than it was good, if a little lacking in the spiciness.  That was fine with her, however, as she does not have the taste for hot and spicy foods that I do.  She did mention that the Paella was a little soupier than she prefers.  Not able to finish the entire serving, she gave it to me to enjoy the following day.

Wanting the full dining experience (of course!), we asked about the dessert offerings for the day.  There were three - carmelized banana cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake.  We decided to share the carrot cake and we were not disappointed.  The 1/16th slice of the cake was an appropriate size to share after our meal.  It was just the right density and was covered with a thick, smooth icing that might actually have been a fondant...it didn't last long enough to fully explore!

During our dinner, the restaurant, which seats about 150, had filled up nicely.  I will say that the tables are placed rather closely together, at least in the area of the restaurant where we were seated, making it a bit of a challenge for servers and guests to navigate the floor when the tables are all occupied.  By the time we left at about 6:30, it was nearly full with four people waiting in the small alcove next to the host's stand.  Fortunately, there had not been any smokers outside to greet us! 

Now, back to that Paella!  I heated it up this evening, added some hot sauce and, along with a fried egg sandwich with cheese and sauteed red onions, had a nice dinner!

Each time I have visited The Lost Shepherd, I have enjoyed a nice meal.  Take a look at the extensive website (http://www.thelostshepherd.com/) and make plans to stop by, perhaps for live music on Friday or Saturday evenings! 

(Photo from The Lost Shepherd's website)

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